Friday, May 25, 2012

Hans Hubermann's Accordion *Spoiler Alert: page 537*

Throughout the novel, Zusak introduces many themes to tie the novel together. One of these themes is Hans Hubermann's accordion. His accordion links him to his past, as well as being a representation of himself. Death's narration of Hans Hubermann's past begins with Max asking " Do you still play the accordion?" (173). The accordion is a symbol of his past. When Hans Hubermann is called into the army, he leaves his accordion behind. Leisel discovers Rosa holding the accordion during the night, and when Liesel herself gets the courage to play a few notes on the accordion, "It only made the room feel emptier" (438).The accordion is an object directly tied to Hans, and by playing it, it further reminds Leisel that Hans is gone. In addition, Leisel exclaims: "Papa was an accordion!" (537). Leisel's exclamation further proves that the accordion is a representation of Hans Hubermann.

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